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When I first started on this site none of the authors had a web 'presence', however most seem to be moving to embrace the internet highway.

This is by no means exhaustive, my Google search returned over 250,000 hits. The first 10 pages were all valid, however a lot are just duplications of the first two sites. If you want more sites use your favourite search engine to find more.

First up for review ...

Mask logoBernard Cornwell - The official site

Very simply laid out (Not a criticism), with all the usual info, faqs , and some interviews with Bernard himself. One of the faqs is actually some of the questions that you most want to ask, so before emailing read the faq and see whether someone else has already asked it.

You can also read an excerpt from Bernards new book. I 've read a small extract and it looks interesting. I haven't read the whole peice as it seems to represent a big chunk of the book. Who wants to read a large out of context chunk, and spoil the joy of reading the new book.

The site also leads you onto similar reading (if you like Sharpe), so it can expand your horizons.

The only thing I didn't like was the coloured text on black, it isn't very clear on my system, and some of the pages are over 12 months out of date.

The faq and interviews really make up for the above minor problems.


A simple fast loading site (good for those still on dial-up) with a fair bit of info. The biography is sketchy but up to date.

Where this site scores is with the list of published books, which also includes a number which were co-written with his wife.

A good site if you're looking for a second view.


The Sharpe Appreciation Society

Another fast loading simple site. Not only do Cornwell readers know good authors, but they also seem to know how to write excellent websites!

The site is still on-line although it does suffer from a broken certificate, and a number of the internal page links are broken.

As you will have guessed from the title of the site this is dedicated to Bernards greatest creation Sharpe. Lots of info, cast lists, book/cd/video reviews and also Sharpe related merchandise. It also has some latest news on what is happening to Sharpe on the tv front (Go to the site if you want to know more).

An excellent site with an interesting range of links centred around Richard Sharpe.

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15 February 2022

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