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The Warlord Chronicles

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Unlike the Starbuck Chronicles, this was always intended to be a trilogy. I tend to think that most authors can't go wrong with an Arthurian storyline. These three stories, written as a third party who saw all the events are no exception. Written with far more authority than the Starbuck books, and with an interesting central character (not Arthur) these books draw you in to the atmosphere of the time. All three are great reads and are probably better than the Sharpe novels.

Be aware though that this not a traditional Arthur legend type story. If you are expecting a 'Disneyfied' Arthurian legend then you will be disappointed. This story is firmly set in reality, or what the Author thinks those times were like. No castles, no Merlin in a long Purple gown with flowing white beard. It is a story of mud, lice, blood and death. With the constant threat from the Saxon horde. If you can break away from the sanitised versions with castles you will be greatly rewarded, from an author who always delivers.

The Alfred series - which I call the Viking series follows on from these stories, although set about 300 years later.

Winter King Cover Enemy of God Excalibur
 4 and half out of 54 and half out of 54 and a half out of 5

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