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The Sharpe Novels

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The following links lead to the same pages as those on the graphical index. If you wish to return to the text index click on the word index in the navigation tools rather than the graphic.

Sharpe's Tiger3
Sharpe's Triumph 4
Sharpe's Fortress 3
Sharpe's Trafalgar
Sharpe's Prey4
Sharpe's Havoc
Sharpe's Rifles3 ½
Sharpe's EagleNot reviewed
Sharpe's GoldNot reviewed
Sharpe's Escape3
Sharpe's Fury3
Sharpe's Battle4
Sharpe's CompanyNot reviewed
Sharpe's SwordNot reviewed
Sharpe's EnemyNot reviewed
Sharpe's Honour4
Sharpe's Regiment3
Sharpe's SiegeNot reviewed
Sharpe's RevengeNot reviewed
Sharpe's WaterlooNot reviewed
Sharpe's Devil3
Sharpe's Assassin
Sharpe's Command4
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23 Feb 2024

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