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Well two stories would appear to mean that we have a series developing. The Chase is a cracker, The Wrecker a bit derivative, far two similar to the previous story. Read the review to find out more.

As you will see I have stopped reading this series. When it first came out I found the change of scene (both in time and land based) refreshingly different from the ocean going novels that Cussler is famous for. However, after the first 5 novels I became slightly bored with them as they had become very formuulaic. The stories up until I stopped reading nearly all spent a good proportion of their time travelling between locations. So the basic story, would be that Bell would be hired out to sort a problem out for the client in city x, find the perpetrator had moved on and would chase him across the country using various forms of travel.

I was also not sure that I liked the Bell character, who comes across as a rather sharp arrogant wealthy man, used to pushing people around. Whilst I realise that he lived in a very hard period, it was not the sort of novel that I really wanted to read. So whilst the series continues, I have decided to leave the story at the Striker, although the Bibliography will be updated.

The Striker
3 out of five


The Chase The Wrecker The Spy The Race The Striker
4 half out of five 4 out of five 4 half out of five 3 out of five 3

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