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Where the icons have a proper book cover then a review is ready to view. If you disagree with my review, why not send in a guest review. Have a look at my feedback page.

Well another new series, and one which appears to break away from the NUMA family although there is some cross references. The first story is quite impressive, and I enjoyed it.

This series is one of the better ones. They are thinly veiled Dirk Pitt stories, but the characters are more engaging than some others. I would probably put this as slightly below the Oregan series, but is well ahead of the Isaac Bell stories.

Mayan Secrets
3 and a half out of five


Spartan Gold Lost Empire The Kingdom coming.gif - 1498 bytes Mayan Secrets
4 out of five 3 and a half out of five 3 out of five 4 out of five 3 and a half out of five

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