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Where the icons have a proper book cover then a review is ready to view. If you disagree with my review, why not send in a guest review. Have a look at my feedback page.

The series now seems to have got into its stride. The first two were a bit hit and miss. Certainly I was starting to wonder whether the series was worth the effort. However the third book. Dark Watch is by far the best, and if it continues in that fashion we have a very strong series developing. Certainly with the use of a few key characters life aboard the Oregon has certainly become entertaining.

The Jungle
4 out of five


Golden Buddha Cover Sacred Stone Cover Dark Watch Cover Skeleton Coast Cover Plague Ship Cover
3 out of five 3 out of five 3 out of five 3 and a half out of five 4 out of five
Corsair Cover Silent Sea Cover The Jungle
4 out of five 4 out of five 3 out of five

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