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Dick Francis

Dick Francis

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Current Novel : No Reserve : 3 ½

Dead Cert Nerve 3 For Kicks
Odds Against Flying Finish Blood Sport
Forfeit Enquiry3 Rat Race4
Bonecrack Smokescreen Slay Ride
Knock Down High Stakes In The Frame
Risk Trial Run Whip Hand
Reflex 4 ½ Twice Shy Banker
The Danger4 Proof4 ½ Break In4
Bolt 3 ½ Hot Money The Edge
Straight Longshot4 ½ Comeback 3 ½
Driving Force3 Decider4 ½ Wild Horses3
Come to Grief4 ½ To The Hilt4 ½ 10lb Penalty
Field of 13 Second Wind3 Shattered4
Under Orders Dead Heat Silks3 ½
Even Money3 ½ Crossfire4

Felix Francis

Gamble4 Bloodline4 Refusal4
Damage3 ½ Front Runner4 Triple Crown3
Pulse4 ½ Crisis3 Guilty Not Guilty4
Iced2 Hands Down3 ½ No Reserve3 ½

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22 Feb 2024

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