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Current Novel : The Bourne Deception : Rating 3

The Scarlatti Inheritance 3The Aquitaine Progression3
The Osterman Weekend 4The Bourne Supremacy 4 ½
The Matlock Paper 3The Icarus Agenda 3 ½
The Rhinemann Exchange 3Trevayne 2 - avoid
The Gemini Contenders 3The Bourne Ultimatum 3 ½
The Chancellor Manuscript 3The Road to Omaha 1 - Truly awful
The Holcroft Covenant 4 The Scorpio Illusion 3 ½
The Bourne Identity4 ½ The Apocalypse Watch3 ½
The Matarse Circle 4 The Cry of the Halidon 3 ½
The Road to Gandolfo 2 - avoidThe Matarese Countdown 4
The Parsifal Mosaic 3 ½
The following novels were not written in their entirety by Ludlum. They are based on working concepts
created before his death, or are novels that have been completed by other authors.
Anything after the Bourne Betrayal is likely to have little input from Ludlum having been printed 6 years after his death.
The Prometheus Deception 3 ½ The Bourne Enigma
The Sigma Protocol 3 The Janson Equation
The Janson Directive 3
The Tristram Betrayal4 ½
The Bourne Legacy3 ½
The Ambler Warning3 ½
The Bancroft Strategy3 ½
The Bourne Betrayal3
The Bourne Deception3
The Bourne Objective0
The Ares Decision0
The Bourne Dominion0
Janus Reprisal0
The Bourne Imperative0
The Janson Command0
The Utopia Experiment0
The Bourne Retribution0
The Bourne Ascendency0
The Janson Option0
The Geneva Strategy0
The Patriot Attack0

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13 July 2015

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