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Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne the iconic super spy who has no memory. The first book was written back in 1980, in a very different world, and it seems impossible that there would be just one assassin that would result in a whole inteligence operation being created to hunt him down. This page is dedicated to the man with no memory.

Bourne of course, was resurrected when Matt Damon took on the role, and created the modern fast paced techno/chase thriller. It is quite far removed from the original storyline, I have to say that I do like the Damon films. If you've read the first 3 books they come as quite a shock, as they have changed out of all recognition.

If you have enjoyed the films, but not read the first three books, you may be disappointed / confused, at the nature of the stories, however the 3 Bourne novels are probably Ludlum at his best. Identity, really does evoke the problems of a man with no memory, his confusion, whilst trying to stay alive, with the men trying to kill you being the ones that ultimately left you in the mess.

The Films

The Richard Chamberlain version of the Bourne identity, is much closer to the book. The problem with the film is it is very plodding at times, and I'm not sure that I can really see Chamberlain as Jason Bourne - Matt Damon is a much better casting for the role. If you could mix the pace and charisma of the Damon film with the storyline of the Chamberlain version it would be almost perfect.

The books have of course not stopped. Eric Van Lusterbader has taken on the mantle of taking the story forward. Unfortunately I think he has messed it up, although I must reserve judgement, as having read them out of order, I have become a tad confused. However the later stories (Obejctive in particular) seem to be turning Bourne into some sort of Eastern mystic. The Treadstone project also seems to have taken on a complete new role, and I'm not sure that it works.

Read the later novels, but they carry a health warning. I do wonder if they have been written so that the film franchise can be expanded.Oh cyncial me!

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The first novels that sparked a super hero. These books are the real mccoy, and far superior to the later novels.

The Bourne Identity The Bourne Supremacy The Bourne Ultimatum
4 and a half out of five 4 and a half out of five 3 and a half out of five

The following titles were not written by Ludlum, and I think were published following the success of the first film.

The Bourne Legacy The Bourne Betrayal The Bourne Sanction The Bourne Deception The Bourne Objective The Bourne Dominion
 3 and a half out of five 3 out of five 0 3 out of five 2 out of five 3 out of five
The Bourne Imperative The Bourne Retribution The Bourne Ascendancy The Bourne Enigma
Not reviewed Not reviewed Not reviewed Not reviewed
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