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Welcome to the new links pages. I don't intend to have millions of links here just a few of the more important ones. If you see a company not listed let me know. All lists are alphabetical to stop any complaints of favouritism!!


This list is now rather short, however both companies are producing machines that you can buy ex-stock. The list does not include those that sell PCs with emulators.

CompanyMachineWeb site
CJE Micro'sRapido


Listed here are just a sample of the major players.

CompanyProduct(s)Web siteComment
MW SoftwareEasiwriter
Techwriter wordprocessors class wordprocessors
MW SoftwareArtworks
GutenPrint (for RISC OS) vector graphics package/printer drivers
David Pilling Ovation Prohttp://davidpilling.netDesktop Publishing software
R-CompInternet Software
Utilities manner of software
RISCOS LtdRISC OS operating systemhttp://www.riscos.comFor any machine except Iyonix!
RISC OS Open LtdOpen Source Managers your source code from here.

Magazines & News Portals

CompanyMagazine/portalWeb siteComment
Acorn UserMagazine Archivehttp://www.acornuser.comI have been heavily involved in this project.
ArchiveMagazine by its readers. Quite technical at times.
DrobePortal portal.
Drag@n DropMagazine Magazine

Other RISC OS Web Resourses

Orpheus InternetSpecialist RISC OS Internet provider.
Acorn News ServiceFortnighly news letter for the RISC OS World.
Vigay.comSoftware and lots more.Now very outdated.
AppbasicFreeware desktop development system.
Dr WimpFreeware desktop development system.

Last checked
17 May 2016

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