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Welcome to my site.

Welcome to the site. Not a lot is new at the moment, as other commitments mean I have little time to do much to the site. There are likely to be some updates to my software, to make them compatible with the newer machines such as Titanium and ArmIx. Keep a watch out for announcements on comp.announce. Enjoy the site.

John Peachey

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23 Feb. 2024 : No Reserve added to the Felix francis pages, Uhtred's Feast and Sharpe's Command added to the Bernard Cornwell pages.
25 Jan. 2023 : Hands Down added to the Felix Francis Pages.
29 Dec. 2022 : Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer added to the Bernard Cornwell pages.
16 Mar. 2022 : Guilty Not Guilty and Iced reviews added to the Felix Francis Pages.
15 Feb. 2022 : Sharpes Assassin added to the Bernard Cornwell pages.
15 Feb. 2022 : Minor updates to the computing home page, banners added for the two computer shows.
04 Apr. 2020 : Minor updates. Main one to the Clive Cussler homepage, announcing his death.
No date:Older updates, will be archived here from October 2006.


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