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This used to be a major part of my old Argonet site. I have however decided to just reproduce the article that I wrote about why I hate Microsoft, and also reproduce some graphics from a very good site 'The Trash' which has long since become defunct.

My views on Micrsoft and it's software have not changed, in fact I feel more strongly that Windows is getting worse. Vista is the latest incarnation, and requires huge amounts of disc space for a feature rich install. I just don't have the time any more to keep a myriad of links up to date, and so this part of the site should be regarded as an archive. The article is still as relevent today as when it was written in 2005.

In the original site, I stated that I wasn't keen on Linux (in its many guises), however things have moved on a great deal. I'm still not sure that it is right for everyone, but it is now almost as easy to install as Windows. Linux does score in the fact that it is very secure. Very few viruses exist for it. Some may argue that it is because Linux is a minority platform, however this is no longer the case. Some software companies are coming round to the fact that Open Source software may be the way forward. We shall have to wait and see.

What of RISC OS. It does lag behind, but for word processing it can still hold it's own. It does have a very good vector graphics program for budding artists.

The anit Microsoft site has two sub pages which are :

  1. The original article, why I don't like Microsoft
  2. A graphics page with some amusing takes on common MS images
It is unlikely that these pages will be updated any more. Anyway enjoy (?), and perhaps one day Microsoft will be a thing of the past.

Last updated
14 August 2007

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