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Find below the published order of the Ryanverse books, and also the storyline order. This is one of the most frequently asked questions asked on the newsgroups.

Published Order Storyline Order
The Hunt for Red October (HFRO) Without Remorse
Patriot Games (PG) Patriot Games
The Cardinal of the Kremlin (COTK)Red Rabbit
Clear and Present Danger (CAPD) The Hunt for Red October
The Sum of All Fears (SOAF) The Cardinal of the Kremlin
Without Remorse (WR) Clear and Present Danger
Debt of Honor (DOH) The Sum of all Fears
Executive Orders (EO) Debt of Honor
Rainbow Six (R6) Executive Orders
The Bear & The Dragon (TBATD) Rainbow Six
Red Rabbit (RR) The Bear & The Dragon

It is not necessary to read the novels in the storyline order, for it to make sense. I would however strongly recommend that The Sum of all Fears,Debt of Honor and Executive orders are read in the correct sequence as they in fact form a trilogy, with events strongly linked. Under no circumstances read EO before reading DOH, as it will ruin the ending of DOH.

Red Storm Rising is not a part of the Ryanverse series and so is not featured on this page.

The initials after the Published order books are the abbreviated titles used in the newgroups (I hope I've got them all right).


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