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alt.books.tom-clancy (aka abtc)

This used to be the place to go, for a serious chat about Clancy, his books, and various political and military topics. Now it is just a hole for collecting spam, which is a great shame.

Whilst the group is no longer, the FAQ is still relevent, and contains most answers to questions you can think of. The only one it doesn't answer is will there be another book.

I have recently been to the site of the FAQ, and it is not up to date, but work does seem to have been done on it. It is still worth a visit.

The FAQ can be found at clancyfaq.

This is a very quiet newsgroup. In the last month I've had six postings, 4 of which were spam!

The postings that appear in this newsgroup tend to be crossposts. There is very very little content which does not appear in ABTC.

As one poster noted "this group has died". Obviously we are between books so postings will be down.

I'm not aware of a FAQ for this group.


Not worth bothering to log onto this group.


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